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You Gave me Hope

Despite all my shortcomings,
     You never did fall short in lending me A Hand.
Amidst all the troubles I went through,
     I saw Your Glory in the dark.

I have been in constant battle,
     You were the only Soldier behind my back,
Everything around me is always changing,
     Yet you remained constant and steady before me.

Disappointments and trials i always come to face,
     but the thought of Your kind eyes always lifted me up.
Among all who i came to follow,
     Only the path You lead sent me to the right destination.

Now that again i I am all worrisome,
     I come to You for strength.
and as always when i kneel down in prayers for your mercy,
     You gave me Hope, even when i am just about to ask for.

The Only Path I Took

 The only path i took, was the path that led to you.
long and dark and cold,
alone in that path i walked.

The only path i saw, was the path headed towards you,
it was not always hard for me, yet was not easy more to say.

The only path i considered walking, was the path you made for me,
i had in mind it was special, for only your footprints marked the way.

I cant say I never had the choice,
for as i knew it was hard to follow and i may get lost along the way,
i believed I had to walk through;
Along in the path that led to you.

What Had Been

 I sit back to recall what it had been before,
Longer walks than rides,
more letter written in ink and lead than those sent with all ease.

I pause for a moment to reminisce what they had been before,
The folks, playmates and the old village,
a simple life was lived.

I rest awhile to remember what i had been before,
climbing trees and catching fireflies,
a tiny girl who inspired.

It's all so good to remember what i've been through to be here,
The memories that helped me live at the present,
All have been kept, never forgotten.

A Physician's Poem

I always wanted to be a ballerina,
and dance with the ballad of my heart.

I always wanted to be an astronaut,
to reach the stars and go further beyond!

I always wanted to be a singer,
and with all voice reach the highest key note i can sing,

I always wanted to be a painter,
To brush this life with the colors of love.

I always wanted to be a pianist,
and create a master piece only the cherubims could play.

Yet here I am, buried in books and enduring deprivation of sweet rest.
For i guess now i know, I have always been
called to be a Doctor.

Midnight Voice

Are you really sleeping,
can you hear me whispering?
Do you know how you've changed me,
from good to something better?

Are you really looking,
straight to my eyes?
Can you see through me,
can you tell that these eyes only see
the beauty within you?

Can you not smile for me,
at least not that way?
Don't talk to me so gently please,
it only reminds me of someone else.

Can we let this pass,
forget about it now?
Have your sweetest dream as i watch
over you tonight.

Let it Pour

As colors fadeth,
so does the flower withereth away.
Do not let go of me Oh Lord,
keep me shining 'til we see.

Thirsty for the water,
that would fill my heart with joy.
Let Your glory be my guidance,
if a lost soul should I become.

As i look back I am but ashamed,
of all the clatters i have made.
Correct my ways, let me stand firm,
to which is just, right and holy.

Thirsty for The words,
that would grant me such great wisdom.
For without you I am but nothing,
with all Your grace oh Lord,
Quench me, Make me whole.



It was her who heard my first cry,
the same woman who carried my weight for quite a long while.
from the day i was born 'til i learned to walk and write,
mother, so hopeful, guided me just when life began.

With all her understanding, she has seen through me.
She has accepted what i have and have not become,
It didn't matter how high i could not leap.
The only woman who has truly  embraced my being,
My mother, who else would it be?

It must have been hard for her to see me go,
to finally let me explore the world on my own and be free.
For even when i now think i have grown old,
The little darling, to my mother, i would always be.

Though i cannot grow old with her, she will always be with me.
never will all my memories of her fade away,
and as for all time kept as a precious treasure in my heart,
My mother, an epitome of pure love, happiness and Beauty.

Amidst the Noise

I came here to rest my soul,
to Find freedom from all my stresses and strives.
I came here to sing You a song,
from the deepest joy within my heart.
I find peace amidst the noise in You, Lord.

in the middle of the night i rise awake,
sEeking for tranquility and Your presence.
anSwer me Oh God, i call on to Your name..
amidst the noise hear me, take time for my plea.

In Your house i come to worship,
the temple built for Your glory,
may  my little voice of gratitude reach You,

make my praises be heard amidst the noise, Lord.